Current Account Tracking is Now Easy!

You can easily track the debt, receivable and payment information of your current accounts. Keep track of your current accounts with all the details without losing the time of book, excel or software that can't keep up with technology. By entering the Customers and Suppliers pages, you can view the receivables you need to collect from all your current accounts and the total payments you need to make to your companies.

Credit Tracking

You can track your customers' open account shopping, see what you bought on what date and when they last visited your store and made a payment or transaction.

Payment and Receivables

You can view the upcoming payments and receivables by adding due dates to your customers and companies. You won't miss which dates you need to get paid or pay.

Creating Purchase Invoice

With the purchase invoice feature, you can view both the stock tracking of your products and your debt to your companies by processing the invoices you receive from your companies into the system with payment types.